Muslim Center for Dispute Resolution
"Making peace justly between two parties is an act of charity."
- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
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A Message from MCDR

To Our Community:

Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to the process of resolving disputes through methods of mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. MCDR offers certified and trained Neutrals to offer practical, solution-centered, and faith-inspired alternative dispute resolution services to people, organizations, and communities in the middle of a conflict. We aim to make alternative dispute resolution accessible to all Americans regardless of race, religion, sect of worship, level of religiosity, gender, income, or education level. As we grow, we plan to enrich the site with resources and other useful information to help parties resolve conflicts without setting foot in a courtroom.  

Let MCDR resolve your conflict.

What We Do

MCDR‘s mission is to promote, facilitate, and provide cost-effective alternative dispute resolution services with certified professionals and a faith-inspired process that employs the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

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