What We Do
"Making peace justly between two parties is an act of charity."
- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

“Our mission is to promote, facilitate, and provide cost-effective alternative dispute resolution services with certified professionals and a faith-inspired process that employs the highest standards of integrity and transparency.”

MCDR is the nation’s first national dispute resolution center focused on the Muslim Community. We recruit certified and trained neutrals, including mediators, arbitrators, and subject matter experts, to provide dispute resolution services in the areas of (i) matrimonial and family law; (ii) estate, elder, and inheritance law; (iii) labor and employment law; (iv) business and commercial law; and (v) non-profit board, mosque, and community organization disputes. Our core values include confidentiality, integrity, and neutrality.

The MCDR Board is comprised of experienced attorneys, non-attorneys, trained arbitrators, mediators, and social entrepreneurs who are committed to the mission of advancing alternative dispute resolution and bringing peace to our communities.

The MCDR Board is focused on continually growing the capabilities of our services and building strong relationships with our neighbors, clients, donors, and affiliates.

Matrimonial & Family

Business & Commercial

Estate & Elder

Non-Profit & Mosque

Labor & Employment


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